Electric Fence Installation And More

Electric fences are used to set boundaries for animals or humans as they provide electric current but it wont harm anybody as it has low amount of ampere. Electric fence sets at 120 miliamps.It is just to keep animals or humans away from the fields.

Where Does Electric Fences Are Mainly Used And For What Purpose?

Electric fences are typically used for agricultural purposes and for non-human animal control, though they can also be used to protect high-security areas like prisons or military installations, where lethal voltages may be applied.

If you wanna know how to install a electric fence than be stick to the article i will let you now how you can install an electric fence at your home.

how to install a electric fence

Material And Tool Needed For The Installation Of Electric Fence-

Tool-Volt meter

Material-fence system,4*4 posts,wire,and gate kit

Somethings You Should Know Before Installing The Electric Fence

Check your county regulations before installing an electric fence to ensure that the fence can be used where you live.You should always purchase and install warning signs around your garden so that visitors are aware of it and avoid it.Electric fence kits can be purchased from your local fence company.These fences have the purpose of startling animals, not hurting them.

Step 1-Digging holes and placement of posts

You need to dig holes according to posts and keep posts into the hole,make sure about theirs heights and level then pour some cement into the hole.

Step 2-Wires assemblation

After placing posts you will require to assemble the wires that provides current into the fence, The first step is to nail insulators to each pole and level them For your application, check the manufacturer's recommendations. You can assemble two or three wires around the garden or lawn. IN the lower wire, the pickets will be just a few inches above the bottom wire; in the top wire, the deer will not be able to see the top of the fence.Polytape should be run through the insulators, going from pole to pole, encircling the garden.Separate wires are needed if the fence is two levels high.Don't forget to start and end the wire where the power source will be attached

Step 3-Connect and ground the wires

After placing poly wires you will require to connect the system to the power source and ground it with two metal rods.If you do not have electricity running to the garden, you can use a solar-powered charger.Attach the solar panel to the top of a fencepost, facing southeast to get most of sunlight.

Step 4-Checking power

See the directions mentioned into the kit and connect all the wires.The two grounding rods should be driven into the ground and attached to the solar panel.Check the voltage meter after the system has charged to make sure all areas of the fence have power.Do not touch the fence unless it is off.

Then you have to post warning signs around the garden.

Step 5-Deer deterrents should be added

By turning off the fence, you can add a deer deterrent called Deer Away.It's an egg-based product, and deer do not like its smell.Tie cloth strips at intervals of 10' to the fence after spraying with Deer Away.You need to reapply earlier as the smell will stay for several months.In combination with the deer repellant, the electric fence creates a double-negative system.The deer will be startled when they touch the fence if they ignore the smell.

The deer will be startled when they touch the fence if they ignore the smell.You can also install a motion-triggered water sprinkler. You need to install the sprayer by pushing the post into the ground and pointing the sensor away from the garden.By doing this, approaching deer will be sprayed (and hopefully not you when you are working in the garden).Turn on the water while attaching a garden hose.Pests are chased away by a strong stream of water that the sprinkler shoots around the area when it detects movement in the garden.

Pests are chased away by a strong stream of water that the sprinkler shoots around the area when it detects movement in the garden.Motion-activated strobe lights are also an option if pests are an issue in your neighborhood; but tell this to your nieghbours before you do so.You can also use fake or rubber made snakes lizards or mice to keep away your pets from fence.

So this was the way to install electric fence at home or by own.

Thank you for reading!!

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